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October/November 2018

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Passion, innovation and change fuel Bayer’s culture

Engineering hiring is strong and IT hiring steady at this global company, which engages its workforce through D&I; activities that parallel its values

Bayer Corporation is the U.S. subsidiary of the German company Bayer AG, with core competencies in healthcare, agriculture and high-tech polymer materials.

Bayer currently has openings for electrical, chemical, industrial and mechanical engineers and technicians in the areas of plant, process, safety, project and software engineering, according to Sharyn Jones, vice president and U.S. head of talent management.

“All the individuals we seek must support our employer brand, ‘passion to innovate, power to change,’ as well as our mission, ‘science for a better life.’ We also look for candidates who share our core values of LIFE: leadership, integrity, flexibility and efficiency,” she says. Business acumen, leadership skills and innovative minds are important, and most positions require some combination of specific technical degrees, experience in a relevant industry, or certifications.

Technical careers in a diverse environment
Bayer has a steady need for engineering talent and works to develop the talent pipeline. “Because of our continuing focus on innovation and glo-bal growth, technical talent will continue to be in high demand. We project an ongoing need for process, reliability and quality control engineers because we see a shortage of engineering candidates for these specialized roles.”

She notes that Bayer has maintained a stable IT workforce in recent years, so the demand for IT professionals is not as great as that for engineers.

All job openings are posted at my-bayer.jobs. In addition to its online portal, Bayer posts on large and niche online job boards and promotes opportunities via social media. The company also networks at professional association conferences and college fairs hosted by the Society of Women Engineers, the National Society of Black Engineers and other diversity-focused organizations.

D&I; initiatives
Bayer offers diversity and inclusion training programs for current and new employees. The programs are designed to teach individuals how to work with colleagues of different cultures and genders and how to cultivate an inclusive and welcoming environment, Jones explains. “Our managers complete select trainings, and we expose new hires to elements of the training to ensure they become familiar with Bayer’s culture from day one.”

Bayer hosts strategically located global and U.S.-based diversity and inclusion councils. The councils meet regularly to discuss challenges, opportunities and best practices.

“Our councils consist of senior executives, employee resource group (ERG) leaders, and other employees who represent the melting pot that makes up the Bayer community,” Jones explains. “They serve as advisors and advocates for diversity and inclusion initiatives, employee resource groups and cultural celebrations, and help facilitate efforts to advance key diversity and inclusion objectives.”

The company’s ERGs, which have executive sponsors, represent a variety of constituencies: women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, gays and lesbians, military veterans, millennials and more, Jones notes. These ERGs facilitate cultural awareness programs, professional development seminars, networking opportunities, recruiting activities and peer mentoring initiatives.

Mentoring at Bayer
“At Bayer, we believe mentoring is an effective personal and professional development tool that should be available to employees across the organization,” says Jones. “A number of employee resource groups have individual and group mentoring programs that meet that need for their constituencies.”

Companywide, mentoring is facilitated by an online self-service tool that enables employees to participate in cross-functional, one-to-one or group mentoring and knowledge sharing. Employees also can use the tool to manage career development activities, seek or provide advice to others, and find new ways to solve work problems, she adds.

Evaluation, promotion and succession planning is a formal process focused on the identification and development of high-potential employees across the company. “As a federal contractor, Bayer is committed to taking affirmative action to ensure no individual is disadvantaged in employment or advancement because of race or gender,” Jones points out.

A trademark program
Bayer AG supports 300 social responsibility programs worldwide, including Making Science Make Sense (MSMS, bayerus.com/MSMS). The Bayer initiative, begun forty years ago, advances U.S. students’ science literacy through hands-on, inquiry-based science education, employee volunteerism and a public education campaign.

More than 1,000 MSMS volunteers work at twelve Bayer sites across the country. MSMS has received numerous awards, including the National Science Board’s Public Service award and two presidential recognitions, the Ron Brown Award for Corporate Leadership and the President’s Service award.

“Bayer is a great place to work and grow,” says Jones, “with opportunities to take your career in many different directions.”


Bayer Corporation

Headquarters: Whippany, NJ
Employees: 15,200
Revenues: $12.8 billion
Business: Healthcare, agriculture and high-tech materials

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