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June/July 2018

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Turner Broadcasting: diversity is a must for its global reach

Imagine working for a company whose information reaches more than 200 countries and territories. Turner seeks diverse pros to keep the content relevant and flowing

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc is a media conglomerate and subsidiary of Time Warner. The company manages a collection of cable networks including TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Turner Classic Movies and CNN.

“Turner has a robust technology division and provides the infrastructure to support the digital extension of our brands. It creates unique ad-serving solutions through the design, development and delivery of key media technologies,” says Matthew Holcombe, vice president of Atlanta broadcast IT engineering. “We place a premium on innovative thinking and entrepreneurial drive, and we recognize the benefit of diverse expression and experience.”

Looking for qualified engineers/IT professionals globally
The CNN Worldwide division, also headquartered in Atlanta, is a portfolio of two dozen news and information services across cable, satellite, wireless devices and the Internet in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Internationally, CNN is the most widely distributed news channel, reaching more than 271 million households abroad, Holcombe reports.

“Jobs at CNN run the gamut of specialties in engineering and information technology,” says Holcombe. “We recruit for roles from facility electrical engineers, IT desktop support and broadcast engineers to software developers. Besides the obvious strong technical and engineering skills, we look for excellent communicators, enthusiastic team players and individuals who can take a systems approach. We’re more connected than ever in our systems globally, and understanding that from a technical standpoint is key.”

Turner Broadcasting has a strong company-wide talent acquisitions team to recruit top talent directly out of college.

“We also attend trade show events throughout the year, such as the National Association of Broadcasters and the Consumer Electronics Show, and use social media, job boards, referrals and sourcing to find top experienced talent in the technical space,” Holcombe adds.

The company’s interview process consists of technical and behavioral-based interviewing. Holcombe says, “The end goal is to hire technical professionals who can support our mantra: ‘Find. Grow. Keep.’”

Job seekers can learn more about career opportunities at Turner, including those at CNN, at turnerjobs.com.

Broad diversity and inclusion programs
Turner Broadcasting’s commitment to inclusion has a three-pronged focus: people, programming and perspective, Holcombe says.

“We strive for a professional environment that values divergent voices and encourages innovative thinking and expression. Our programming content focuses on quality, brand consistency, and respect for taste, intelligence and the interest of our global audience,” Holcombe says.

CNN’s primary diversity goal is to mirror the range of identities and opinions of the markets it serves, says Holcombe. The division’s diversity council, formed in 2003, is made up of members across CNN’s networks, platforms, departments and functions. Many have been recognized within the diversity community.

“By collaborating with editorial, network booking, marketing, sales, public relations, human resources, recruiting, and talent development and recruitment, the council has been crucial in establishing CNN’s standing with multicultural audiences,” Holcombe notes. “The council’s work has led to major ratings wins, earned revenue in the tens of millions of dollars for multicultural content, increased CNN’s racial and ethnic and gender diversity, launched employee development and student pipeline programs, and expanded the diversity of on-air perspectives, including political perspectives and storytelling.”

Turner Broadcasting offers business resource groups for women, singles, the LGBT community, people with disabilities, Asian employees, black professionals, military veterans, parents, and the younger generation. “Each group has a unique mission statement and goals, but all the groups foster professional development through networking and outreach opportunities. They help educate and promote an environment of understanding, acceptance, diversity and inclusion among all employees, and they serve as a business resource.”

Corporate leadership development programs include Turner Women Circle Mentoring, as well as programs within the CNN division.

Turner also offers programs to support employees’ lives outside of work, says Holcombe. “The company is committed to implementing alternative work schedules that have a positive impact for employees and their clients, help the environment, and offer greater flexibility in managing personal responsibilities while still meeting business priorities,” he says.

Turner Broadcasting’s wellness initiatives include onsite centers for preventive care in its Atlanta and New York locations, available to all eligible employees.

Volunteerism and commitment
Turner Broadcasting organizes several onsite volunteer activities; the annual Volunteer Day is the company’s signature day of service. On that day, employees spread out to complete projects for nonprofits local to Turner Broadcasting offices in every major city. “With offices around the world, we pride ourselves on being part of the communities in which we live and work,” says Holcombe.

Turner Broadcasting employees can also apply to the corporate responsibility advisory board to ask the company to support specific philanthropic activities. Turner Broadcasting gives employees up to forty hours of paid volunteer release time per year.

“Turner Broadcasting is a place that values individuals. We strive to support our people with resources and rewards designed to foster whole-life satisfaction. We aim to provide an environment where professional aspirations and personal goals can co-exist and further each other.”


Turner Broadcasting System, Inc

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Business: Media creation and delivery

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