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December 2018/January 2015

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Diversity/Careers December 2018/January 2015

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From the publisher and editor


Au revoir, but not goodbye

After more than twenty years, this issue will be my last as publisher of Diversity/Careers. It’s been a great run, with many adventures along the way. When I launched the magazine in the fall of 1993, desktop computers had bulky CRT monitors, dial-up modems made connections at 28kb/s, and the “world wide web” had just been released for public use.

I’ve seen radical changes in workplace and supplier diversity: women and minorities leading major U.S. corporations, thousands of woman-owned businesses gathering to support each other and the economy, marriage equality and the growing openness of LGBT folks in the tech world.

I’ve been privileged to work with some of the largest corporations in the world, helping them get their message of support for diversity to our readers and web visitors. They’ve stuck with us through economic booms and busts. I’m truly grateful, and more than proud of what we built over the last two decades.

When I helped Roberta start Diversity/Careers, our expectation was that diversity and inclusion would be so widespread in two decades that the concept would be redundant. Although the tech world has come a long way, there is certainly more work to do, and I hope to be part of that ongoing effort.

My biggest pleasure has been seeing the impact Diversity/Careers has had on our readers. Late in October, we received this note from a reader:

Dear Editor,

I was interviewed for an article published in the Feb/Mar 2006 issue of your magazine, on “Hispanics in Software and IT.” My journey to my then employer had been a whirlwind of challenge and will-power. Somehow, though, seeing myself in print gave me a bit of confidence…this new journey into technology might indeed prove the stuff of career.

Fast forward eight years to today. I now work in the Americas Office of the CTO for Microsoft. I have held roles with global influence and now focus on shaping our services strategies for customers in the Western hemisphere. To say that I got here without any encouragement would of course be a lie, but I’d also be remiss if I were not to include the role your magazine played in helping me in 2006. I was a young father and a very green technologist who hadn’t a clue about things like “strategy”…but suddenly I realized that there was a way to make a name and story for myself if I could simply believe it first.

Many thanks for the time and effort you and your staff have made to be a window into the world of technology over these last years. It has not been without impact.

Marc Perez

Thank you Marc, for allowing us to share your thoughts, and for summing up so well what we’ve hoped to do.


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