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December 2018/January 2015

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Diversity/Careers December 2018/January 2015

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Eaton seeks bright technical talent for a diverse workforce

This global company customizes D&I; strategies in each of its global regions. The goal is to make all employees feel valued for their unique contributions

'At Eaton, our passion is helping customers solve their most complex power management challenges,” says Cathy Medeiros, vice president of global inclusion and diversity. “Our technologies help customers manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more safely, efficiently and sustainably. Our success depends on our ability to hire the best people from a global and cross-cultural talent pool.

“Eaton fosters an inclusive environment that respects individual differences and values unique perspectives, which leads to innovative ideas and better decisions.”

Recruitment and engagement
Eaton recruits degreed, experienced engineers in specialties from electrical to mechanical to hydraulics for a variety of systems, design and project engineering positions. Last year, Eaton hired more than 500 engineers worldwide, half of whom were external candidates. The company is on track to hire a similar number this year.

Eaton’s recruiting team leverages social media and its own talent network to broadcast job opportunities. All current openings are posted for viewing online at eaton.com/careers.

Eaton partners with several diversity engineering organizations, including the Society of Women Engineers, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the National Society of Black Engineers and Women in Technology International. It also has a continuous presence on the campuses of universities with strong engineering schools or departments.

The company offers co-op and internship opportunities for college engineering students. For recent graduates, Eaton provides direct hire opportunities and leadership development programs (LDPs) in both information technology and engineering. Eaton’s LDPs offer participants both technical experience and exposure to many aspects of the company’s business.

Councils tailored to different world regions
“We know we can’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to inclusion and diversity, because diversity means different things to people in different parts of the world,” Medeiros explains. “To build stronger and more engaged teams to serve our customers, regional considerations for inclusion and diversity must be taken into account.” Recently Eaton established a global inclusion council and four regional councils that guide its work around the globe.

The global inclusion council is led by Sandy Cutler, Eaton’s chief executive officer, and his senior leadership council. The global council focuses on developing consistent diversity and inclusive objectives. Regional councils in North America, South America, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Asia Pacific are led by each region’s president and senior leadership.

The global council recently launched a one-day education program, “Valuing inclusion and diversity at Eaton: the power of perspectives,” led by Eaton facilitators. As of the end of 2018, 240 leaders had completed training, with fifteen sessions completed around the globe. The company aims to have all managers complete this training in the next few years.

Participants explore the dynamics of diversity and learn the change agent behaviors that support an environment where employees can achieve their full potential. “An interactive session delivers tools and strategies that leaders can implement with their teams to leverage differences, build cultural competence and drive better business results,” Medeiros reports.

Pillars for an inclusive atmosphere
In 2012, during 118 focus group discussions with more than 1,500 Eaton employees around the world, common themes surfaced. “These themes have become our inclusion and diversity pillars and serve as key focus areas for our diversity councils,” Medeiros notes.

The focus groups emphasized that inclusive behaviors help attract, retain and nurture talent, and enable employees to achieve their highest potential and optimize business results. These behaviors, the groups indicated, also accelerate the process of becoming a global enterprise that can win in all markets, and improve the use of diverse perspectives to create better processes, products and service solutions.

“When we fully appreciate each person’s unique qualities, we learn from one another and encourage ingenuity,” Medeiros asserts. “The result is a powerful advantage that sets us apart from competitors, adds value to our business, and optimizes team performance.”

Mentoring, resource groups and outreach
Eaton offers formal mentoring programs with an emphasis on women and minority participation. “We have over 280 mentor/mentee pairs engaged to date,” says Medeiros. “We survey participants to measure program progress and satisfaction, and participant feedback has been very positive.”

The company recently launched three employee resource groups (ERGs) focused on women throughout Eaton’s global enterprise, veterans’ issues, and the next generation of employees. Each group has regional chapters.

“We’re excited about establishing ERGs,” Medeiros says. “They provide feedback and resources to advance our business objectives and identify opportunities to make Eaton an employer of choice.”

Eaton manufacturing facilities participate in outreach activities with local schools and diversity organizations by hosting facility tours, lunch-and-learn sessions, and student competitions.

“When we embrace diversity, the rich range of differences that makes each of us unique, we widen our access to the best talent,” Medeiros declares. “That includes the talent we have today and the talent we want to have in the future. Inclusion allows us to fully engage that talent. Inclusion and diversity help Eaton employees understand they have the opportunity to contribute fully to the company’s success.”



Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
Employees: 103,000 worldwide
Revenues: $22 billion (2013)
Business: Electrical, hydraulic, aerospace and vehicle power management solutions

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