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Inclusion and diversity at EMC extends to veterans, people with disabilities and LGBT folks. "We think broadly and widely," says the chief diversity officer

Experience in cloud computing, virtualization, security, information intelligence and overall strong software skills are in high demand at EMC Corporation.

"Some of the brightest technical people in the IT industry are just a year or two out of school," says Tom Murray, the company's global head of talent acquisition. Many college interns begin their careers at EMC after graduation, he notes. "The skills this generation has, in social media for example, are some of the hottest in the technology industry!"

EMC provides information infrastructure services and solutions. The company's flagship product, the EMC Symmetrix storage array, is the foundation for storage networks in many of the world's largest data centers, Murray reports.

Hiring managers, Murray notes, like to see how applicants have taken on different roles at previous employers. "Do they demonstrate experience in areas like leadership, agility, teamwork, cross-functional collaboration, complex problem-solving skills? Our top people are expected to rotate through the business and take on different roles and challenges throughout the company."

People who come to EMC should have strong interpersonal and communication skills to work in a global, cross-functional, and highly collaborative environment. "No one here sits in a cubicle and gets the work done all alone," Murray declares.

EMC recruiters participate in a range of conferences, events and workshops to connect with diverse job candidates. They attend conferences put on by the National Black MBAs, National Hispanic MBAs, Asian MBAs, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, SWE, SHPE and NSBE.

EMC works to improve science and math education by investing its time, talent and financial resources at all levels of education. It partners with academic institutions like MIT, and focuses its community service work in school systems and through mentorship programs. The company is involved with robotics competitions and many other academic-, science- and technology-oriented organizations, says Jackie Glenn, chief diversity officer.

The company also has a relationship with the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME), and works to support and raise awareness of the organization's charter and programs. "A couple of months ago one of our senior leaders and I went to the White House to talk about NACME and underserved Hispanic and black children," Glenn says. "Our mission is to strengthen the pipeline of technically astute students to come back to work for EMC or other high-tech companies."

Another program aimed at the next generation of technology innovators is a three-year summer internship program with the United Negro College Fund. College sophomores pursuing STEM degrees are interviewed, qualified and hired for EMC summer intern openings in technical areas. "Our objective is to hire students into the program after the end of their sophomore year, bring them back after their junior year and then make every attempt to place them in a permanent job at EMC when they graduate," Glenn notes.

EMC has partnerships with a number of HBCUs, including Howard University in Washington, DC and North Carolina A&T.;

On their first day, all new EMC employees participate in live and online orientation workshops about the company and its culture, strategic focus, products and services. "We are committed to providing ongoing training and development programs for employees as they embark on their careers," Glenn says. "We think broadly and widely in terms of diversity and inclusion activities as part of this continual development."

The company has nine affinity groups: the Women's Leadership Forum, the Multi-Generational Group, the Black Employee Affinity Group, EMC LGBT, the Latin Leadership Interest Team, the Asian Circle, the Indian Subcontinent Employee Circle, the Veterans' Circle, and the Disability Employee Resource Group. Each is sponsored by an executive and a senior leader. "All our affinity groups are open to any EMC employee. It's a good way to get our company leaders and employees engaged with each other in education, cultural and community services events and activities," Glenn says.

As EMC expands globally, she adds, it has launched women leadership circles at its facilities in Bangalore, India; Cork, Ireland and Beijing, China. Each year, Glenn tries to visit one country where EMC has a presence. Soon it will be Beijing, then on to Mexico.

EMC's diversity and inclusion efforts extend beyond the company and around the world. Three years ago, for example, EMC rolled out a senior executive women's leadership development program in partnership with Simmons College. Later the program expanded to include a larger group of high-potential international EMC women.

EMC also offers mentoring and coaching programs for its employees around the world. One of them pairs senior African American execs with employees. Glenn has participated, and says she still relies on her mentor. There's also an online mentoring and coaching program offered through EMC University, the company's training and development organization.

EMC also offers a "speed coaching" workshop, launched by its black employees' group. EMC executives are paired with employees for fifteen-minute segments. "It's fabulous. People build relationships and find mentors," Glenn says.

The company supports community involvement activities led by its employee affinity groups. "We're lining up activities in local schools," Glenn reports.

EMC is committed to helping organizations around the world digitize and preserve their valuable information assets. The company has given the JFK Library and other institutions resources to digitize, store and manage their information and artifacts.

At the end of the day, EMC employees go home with plenty of health, wellness and other benefits: their own electronic healthcare records, domestic partner benefits, emergency child and elder care, an onsite gym, and flexible and remote work programs.


EMC Corporation
EMC Corporation

Headquarters: Hopkinton, MA
Employees: 47,000
Revenues: $14 billion
Business: Information infrastructure systems, software and services: data storage, data protection, virtualization, information intelligence and security

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